Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Heart Attaining Tranquility (itminan-i qalb)

On six occasions the Qur’an links together the roots of the words itminan and qalb. In particular, one aya that is frequently cited by Sufis is in surat al-Ra’d, “Know that hearts find peace through the remembrance of God” [Q 13:28]. The emphasis in Tasawwuf on the practice of the remembrance of God is directly linked with the Qur’anic assertion that hearts become tranquil and find peace by means of remembering and meditating on God. A certain shaykh quoted in the Qur’anic commentaries of Sulami and Ruzbihan said, “Hearts find peace in it [the remembrance of God], because they did not find other than God to be a place for intimacy (uns) and comfort (raha).” Another shaykh quoted by both Sulami and Baqli stated, “The hearts of the folk of gnosis only find peace through God and only are tranquil through Him, because their hearts are the place where He looks (mahal nazarihi). Thus, Sufis, as lovers of God, only find peace in their hearts through God and the remembrance of God.

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