Thursday, December 13, 2012


I am often asked by friend what sufi concept of love is ...The Sufi path is the path of Love where the human soul searches out God and if the grace of God falls upon the searcher, then he or she finds annihilation in God and eternal existence in the consciousness of God. It is a path of loving God through his manifestations.

Love is known only when you are no more a person and you have become a presence. Love is a shadow of presence. If you are a person then in the name of love a thousand and one other things go on masquerading as love: possessiveness, jealousy, domination, politics, power. A thousand and one are the games of the mind. If you are a person – and by ”person” I mean if you have the ego, the ”I”; that’s what person means – if you are living in a kind of separation from existence, then you are constantly in Conflict. 

Sufism conveys to the believer to love God, love God's creation and praise Him all the time. Sufism replaces a fearsome and unforgiving God with a loving and merciful one. Since God is unseen and formless, most humans need to find him through his creation and through human love. In loving another human being one discovers the all consuming power of love, while the beauty of the Beloved reduces the lover to a state of helpless abandon. At this point he or she becomes a slave willing to be sacrificed.

 But this love of the human is illusory love, and if the lover is pure of heart it should act as a bridge to true love, which is the love of God.Even with those you love there will be conflict; your very style of life is of conflict. Then people love, but the love brings only misery… gives great hope, but never fulfills, promises much but the goods are never delivered.
Apostles and sages have preached love and friendship everywhere. Rumi says:

“If you seek to soar to heaven.

Make friends with all men;
Friendship is paradise.
When you speak of enemies
Snakes and thorns fill your heart.

Aristotle had observed: “The antidote for 50 enemies is one friend.”

Imagine what life would be like if each of us had 50 friends and only one enemy, or none!
In the eyes of Dr Karl Meninger, “Love cures people — both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.”
Indeed, the darkness of our lower self has enveloped the light in the soul.

Human love is the first stage of love, it is not the end of the journey. The true pilgrim of love must recognize it as simply the bridge that he must walk across towards a higher goal. The nature of 'Typal' love offers some insight into the experience of this journey of love, which involves complex states of being and not-being. Sufis distinguish 'Typal' love from divine love, describing it as a bridge to the real in which the pilgrim must beaware of lingering too long, or else he may fail to reach the journey's end.

There is another kind of love – the real love – that never happens to a person; it happens only when you have become a presence. The way to love, the method to create love energy in you, is to negate the ego. And to negate the ego the Sufis use the continuous prayer, praising God in every possible way. They never miss a single opportunity to praise God. If they see a rose flower, the Sufi will immediately say, ”God be praised!” Why? 
Because in this moment HE has given this beautiful rose flower to him. If he sees a star in the sky, ”God be praised!” If he sees a beautiful person passing by, ”God be praised!”

He continuously uses all occasions to praise God. Hence one of the names of God is Hamido, the praiseworthy, one who has to be praised continuously. It is a technical device to efface oneself, to forget oneself, to drown one’s person into oblivion. 

Prem means love, Hamido is a Sufi name for God – it means the praiseworthy. Sufis continuously praise God. They call it zikr – remembrance They are continuously bowing inside to God. That is a way of effacing yourself. That is a way of destroying the ego, the way to destroy the person. When the person is completely effaced, dropped, he becomes a presence, and that presence is love.

God precedes all creation and He existed alone. 
 As it is in the nature of beauty to be admired, worshipped, and revealed, so he created the world so that His beauty could be revealed. It was born as a result of God's desire for the hidden to be known. This world is not absolute as is God, and is only a reflection of the Truth rather than Truth itself. It is therefore transitory. God is Absolute Beauty and Absolute Good, so this creation, however beautiful, is imperfect and represents what is Not-Good, as it is merely a reflection of the Good and not the Good itself. The purpose of human life is to eliminate this state of not-being so that one may attain union with God and become absorbed in the Divine. To transcent the element of not-being one must conquer Self. The Self is conquered only by Love.