Friday, January 25, 2013

Moinuddin Chishti & Sitar;

From OSHO's Sufi tales;Its a very good meditation on arcane rituals  and rules.

You must have heard about one Sufi mystic, Moinuddin Chishti, whose dargah, whose tomb, is in Ajmer. Chishti was a great mystic, one of the greatest ever born, and he was a musician. To be a musician is to be against Islam because music is prohibited. He played on the sitar and on other instruments.
He was a great musician and he enjoyed it. That was his prayer. This was absolutely anti-religious as Music was haram in Islam but nobody could say anything to Chishti. Many times people would come to tell him so and he would start singing, and the song would be so beautiful they would forget completely why they had come.
He would start playing on his instrument and it would be so prayerful that even scholars and pundits and maulvis who had come to object, wouldn’t object. They would remember at home; when they were back at home they would remember why they had come.
Chisthi’s fame spread over the world. From every part of the world, people started coming. One man, Jilani, himself a great mystic, came from Baghdad just to see Chishti. When Chishti heard that Jilani was coming he felt, “To pay respect to Jilani it will not be good to play my instrument now. Because he is such an orthodox Muslim, it will not be a good welcome.He may feel hurt.” So only for that day, in his whole life, he decided he would not play, he would not sing. He waited from morning and in the afternoon Jilani came. Chishti had hidden his instruments.
When Jilani came and they both sat in silence, the instruments started to make music — the whole room was filled. Chishti became very puzzled over what to do. He had hidden them, and such music he had never known before. Jilani laughed and said, “Rules are not for you, you need not hide them. Rules are for ordinary people, rules are not for you — you should not hide them. How can you hide your soul? Your hands may not play, you may not sing from your throat, but your whole being is musical.And this whole room is filled with so much music, with so many vibrations that now the whole room is playing by itself.”
When your mind is fresh the whole existence becomes a melody. When you are fresh, freshness is everywhere and the whole existence responds. 
Many more dimensions are hidden in this story. Another dimension is that when you come to an enlightened person whatsoever you say makes no difference, his response will be the same. Your questions, your answers are not meaningful, not relevant; his response will be the same.
 No situation changes him; the situation is not relevant. You are changed by the situation, you are completely changed; you are manipulated by the situation. Meeting a person who is a stranger, you behave differently. You are more tense, trying to judge the situation: What type of man is this? Is he dangerous, not dangerous? Will he prove friendly or not? You look with fear. That’s why with strangers you feel an uneasiness


  1. osho is one of the enlightened ! thank you for this gem!

  2. i dont know if this is a genuine story - as Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty (R.A) met Hazrat Abdul Qadir Geelani (R.A) in Iraq during his travels, he actually went to seek out Hazrat Abdul Qadir Geelani (R.A) and not the other way round, as he was 21 years of age or so(the first time they met), as he had not yet found a Pir e Tareeqat yet. only later did he get to Iran where he met his master Khwaja Usmaan e Harwani (Harooni)(R.A)
    it is an interesting story no doubt. especially since there is a huge gap between any real good translations of his works or biographical makes us feel closer to what we think is the man.
    with the pressure of colonial imperialism, Sufi Islam in the sub continent has suffered a lot of distortion i think, unfortunately.
    i am curious if there are true Chishty Khanaqas in Pakistan, not the heriditary types, where the Gaddi is passed on to the son - totally ignoring the true system of Khilafat that is sina b sina(heart to heart transmission from a true mystic Pir) - it would be great to ask if any exist - true Chishty khanaqas about this story of Osho - Also to know some other aspects of this great Mystics life - what is out there right now is mostly the miraculous aspects of his persona - but, alas we are so far removed from the true person - which goes to show how imperialism won, by changing the traditional languages in countries where Tareeqat was strong - for example Turkey and India (in India we dont know Pharsi anymore - so all the sufi writings are meaningless to us, especially the Chishty writings as they have been miniscule translations -
    it would be amazing if someone could fill this huge gap - between what is fact and what is fiction about this great saint. Inshallah..