Friday, August 18, 2017

In the Name of Greed!

People do strange things in pursuit of money sometimes killing daughters on papers who are otherwise alive!

When I visited Pakistan recently, I discovered that my Father Nisar Dhillon had illegally transferred my property in my stepmother Abida Parveen's name without my consent. 
Property transfers according to Islamic inheritance law require that a man’s children, especially daughters, be informed of this transfer and their consent sought — -but in this case, my father showed me dead in the records. Neither was the property transfer announced rather it was kept hidden from me which is illegal. 

This wouldn’t be the first of my father’s crimes against me: in his life, he disowned me: I never received anything from him from my birth till his death n 2014 when I was 30( my grandparents raised and educated me) so it was logical that he would also disinherit me in death; it would complete the circle of his evil( he can take a bow in heaven now in front of God for his sins against me)

My father was an indifferent sadistic alcoholic who inoculated his sadism to my step siblings: my step siblings  Umer Dhillon & Faryal Ahmed— -don’t believe that preying upon your sister and taking her inheritance --is despicable because they have been taught that: it’s kosher to be a greedy douche bag!

So greed perpetuates itself generation after generation!

When I confronted my step-brother Umer, about defrauding me of my
inheritance and never informing me of my father's death: he was jubilant; triumphant as though we were locked in a feud and he had finally vanquished me.

I was told to toughen up and get over it: as if I was not a victim and him not a beneficiary of this dysfunctional family dynamics my father erected.

It was more than clear what had transpired, and where blame should be placed.

But he chose to see it another way: not as myopia, but as intentionally applied blindness filter to rationalize his family’s greed. 

It was textbook my father's behavior: puckish and irreverent, unbowed and every bit the bully; bleed the weak and drink his blood because there is no judgment and fuck karma!

My step-sister Faryal morphed into a shallow materialist cliche incapable of empathy or a conscience-- when I wrote about my inheritance, she sent me harassing messages, calling me a greedy or dirty woman ( because I asked for what should have been mine by Quran's decree)-- demonstrating her emotional vacuum and bad grammar!

( this from someone who had lived in my father’s house; lived on his money and then defrauded me of my inheritance while I never spent one night in that house, Oh the irony)
But she is so intellectually stunted that rather than anger, I felt the sadness of how people create narratives in their head to justify their ego's actions rather than rising above materialism and envy. 

Even when someone is a victim of their greed, they patch together a shabby narrative to justify their selfishness and call others "melodramatic" because looking in the mirror is problematic. Here is a person complaining who defrauded me of my inheritance and now calls me names. Shame has no room in heads like this!

My stepmother wasn’t a born sadist like my biological father — -But selfishness has a way of aborting our emotional evolution: she could never transcend the Cinderella’s stepmother archetype; lying and stealing to protect her children without ever realizing that I needed protection too instead she identified me as the enemy who must be kept out so her children could get more share of the pie.

When you begin to think so amorally, it’s a Faustian bargain because then: transaction by transaction ---you barter pieces of your soul to satisfy your greed and eventually your greed replaces your soul until you are transformed into a howling pig ingesting everything; haram or halal--- which is how Quran has likened people who fraudulently take inheritance of orphans and promised them hellfire on judgement day. 

(But hey to believe in hellfire, you must first believe in God and that wasn't part of the syllabus taught at my father's house; Darwinian survival of the fittest was!)

I am telling you my story as a morality tale; 
Perhaps you are my stepmother, protecting your children while confiscating the right of another motherless child
Perhaps you are my father, disinheriting and disowning your own daughter to give inheritance to your son
Perhaps you are my step-siblings, defrauding your sibling of inheritance and spending what was her right

Don't listen to the voice of Nafs inside you which might ask you to commit these crimes. Momentary advantages of money are not worth ruining another person's life. Such sins cast very long shadows not just in this world but also in the next world. 

He will avenge the injustices that I have suffered in my life; I believe in His mercy and His wrath because I have seen it fall on people. 

He is the ultimate justice giver and we can only reach out to Him to avenge ourselves when we cannot avenge ourselves.

The tales of Sufi's are filled with God's vengeance rained upon those who thought He is hidden in heaven and they would get away with their sins upon others but there is always a reckoning quite often in this worls and definitely on the judgement day!

Therefore we must strive to be humans and not greedy pigs! 

May Allah grant us the power to listen to our conscience over our greed!


  1. OMG I cant believe ppl can as cruel as your stepmoter and siblings; this is fraud

  2. This is quite a powerful read. Wishing you all the best for your future