Thursday, January 9, 2014

Disconnecting to find yourself

Lately, I have been intentionally disconnecting from everything: friends, internet and compulsory but totally avoidable socialization. When this year started, I had been feeling incredibly lost: constant work commitments and transactional socialization made sure that I had very little time to talk to myself. I was functioning on an automatic pilot.

Then one day — you look at yourself in the mirror— and you realize you haven’t made any choices about who you are. You’ve just become someone along the way, reacting to everything that came in your path. Your real self lies buried under the rubble of your false self you concocted. The imposter has usurped the real you!!

It may seem like a paradox in ideas but the sometimes the only way to connect with your real self is to disconnect from your world. Not for long. Just every now and then. In the vacuum---you can talk to yourself and learn what’s important now. We change every moment…every day and every year. Like a snake shedding skins---we shed our old selves and are reborn again and agonist. It’s important to get to know yourself every now and then: make an acquaintance with the new you. To get to know who we are, what matters to us now.

To have a rebirth can only happen if you are ready to be “renewed” to be “refilled” And one cannot be refilled if there is no room for growth. How would a glass of wine taste if you were to pour new wine into the same glass that has old wine? 
Only when you deny the self you know, can you become the self you don’t know.


  1. The practice of Vipassana meditation can help purify the mind to connect to one's True Self which is God

    1. Thanks, I am meditating these days though I prefer TM. Thanks for visiting.