Friday, May 30, 2014

Judge ye not, so ye may not be judged.

There was a blind Sufi mystic. He used to sell small things in the village, and the people of that village became aware that he had no judgment. So they would take the things and give him false coins. He would accept them, because he would never say, ”This is wrong and this is right.” Sometimes they would take things from him and they would say, ”We have paid,” and he would not say, ”You have not paid.” He would say, ”Okay.” He would thank them.
Then from other villages also people started coming. This man was very good; you could take anything from his shop, you need not pay, or you could pay in false coins, and he accepted everything!
Then death came near to this old man. These were his last words: he looked at the sky and said, ”Allah, God, I have been accepting all kinds of coins, false ones also. I am also a false coin – don’t judge me. I have not judged your people, please don’t judge me.” And it is said that how can God judge such a person?

When he went to heaven ..God said to him " How can I judge the one, who has never judges others"
Jesus says, ”Judge ye not, so ye may not be judged.”
If judgment disappears, you have become innocent. If you don’t divide things into good and bad, ugly and beautiful, acceptable and nonacceptable; if you don’t divide things, if you look at reality without any division, your eyes will come into existence for the first time. When you refuse to label Life..people or lie situations.All the prisons of your mind and society disappear and You are free.Free as a child and as a mystic.

If you divide you will remain blind, if you judge you will remain blind, if you say this is bad and this is good, you will persist in your blindness... because existence knows nothing. There is nothing good and nothing bad – existence accepts everything. And when you also accept everything you have become existence-like.

You have become one with it. So remember, morality is not religion. Rather, on the contrary, morality is one of the hindrances in gaining religion, just like immorality. Morality, immorality – both are hindrances. When you transcend both you have transcended the mind, the dual, the dualistic attitude.

Sufi's donot judge ..Sufi mystics welcomes the saint the sinner the prostitute alike.The welcomes all of GOD's creatures.It was this non judgemental attitude compared to the hated
mullah and pandit ..which led to widespread acceptance of Sufism in near east and Asia.


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  2. Nice stories. I was familiar with some and some of these I am reading for the first time. If labels matter I can say I am a Hindu. And this is the image of Islam in my mind and this is the Islam I have grown up with as a child. Sadly this is in stark contrasts to the violent & perverted forms of Islam we see in the news today. I often wonder if they are even talking about the same thing. Like it is said the empty vessels make the most noise. And they are the ones that fill the headlines today with their nonsense. The wise go about unnoticed silently spreading the message of love and changing the lives of people around them and leave their impact on generations to come.

    The stories of Muslim saints have inspired generations and made me understand my own religion better. And the older I grow and the more I understand I have come to realize that the walls of religion are like props to help a person stand and take the initial baby steps towards God. At some point you have to leave the props behind and start running towards God by embracing his creation - by embracing all humanity and the world. The saints and the wise belong to Humanity and work for the upliftment of us all - not for a small sect categorized into religious brackets.

    Thank you for taking the pains to maintain this site. A good deed is a reward in itself.

  3. Knowing all this...and yet, you chose to reject the hand that reached out to you.
    Like a butterfly, fluttering from flower to flower, dazzled by colorful display, yet failing to feed on the nectar.