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Ibn 'Arabi: "with the divine names, the names of the world"

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SO DO YOU KNOW essential reality, know who you are, what is your  personal identity, what link connects you to the Real [God] which you are real [divine] and what you are "world" "different", "other" and the meaning of these expressions. This is where scholars differ in excellence, a scientist, the other scientist.
The Real [God] is such a unique shade, large or small, more or less clear, as is the light in which the sail in relation in which the colored glass colored by its own color. In the reality, the light is colorless, but you see it colored. It's like a symbol of what your essential reality with regard to your Lord. If you say that the light is green, because that is the glass, you speak the truth, faithful to the testimony of your senses. But if you say it is not green, it has no color, depending on what grant you deductive reasoning, you're right, as evidenced for you inspection of the healthy intellect. It is indeed a light that pours through the prism of a shadow, which is the glass itself, and it is a shadow of its luminous clarity.

Because it is so we have made, know that you're imagination and everything that you perceive and you say "not me" is imagination. The whole being is imagination imagination. Being the only real God, solely from the perspective of His essence and His actual reality, but not in terms of His names. Its name, in fact, say in two senses: in a sense, they refer to that in which each name is separated by another name and is distinguished.What is "He who forgives" for the "apparent" or "The Hidden"?What is "Prime" for "the Last"? Now you can know what every name is identical to any other name, and how it is different than any other name. This is why it is identical, the Real God, and that in which it is other than he is the real configured imagination, which is here the subject of this paper.

Glory to Him who has evidence that by itself and exists only by its own essential reality! There is in being what means absolute unity. There is in the imagination than the mean multiplicity.Therefore, the multiplicity is based in the world with the divine names, the names of the world. What lies in the absolute unity is with the Real, to the extent that His essence is independent of the worlds.

Philosophies of aillor s II Thoughts Arabic and Persian, Christian Jambet.

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