Monday, November 28, 2011

Nasir od-Din Tusi: Father Time and Mother-Space

As this world is imperfect, as the state of childhood, and as there is no way for a toddler to do without nurse and crib, his nurse is the time and the cradle is the space. In a way, his father and mother time is space. Space and time are respectively endowed with a specific effect, the effects of their principle: to wrap it in leu circumference beings in the making, because it is wrapping itself God: "It is enveloping all things" (Qur'an 41: 54). The time has this wrap is an effect of the principle, which is carried out as part of this is the first time and another part last. The space is exercised so that part is visible and one hidden. As both parties, by nature and essence, is not no thing nothing is complete. The existence of each of the time implies the absence of another party. The past is not the time, and the future either. If time has an existence is the existence of this, which is the very small time, which has no dimension. Philosophers call it "the moment".If, for space, are a wrap, it is for the entire space and not for any particular particular space. It is suitable for all the space that heaven, earth and others have an existing container.

The other world is independent of time and space because it is free from imperfection. But the signs are given in people time and space are often time-space and sometimes are, to be consistent with the language of this people.

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