Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dead Can Dance - Persian Love Song Toward the Within

In Persian:
میگن اسبت رفیق روز جنگه
مو می گویم ازو بهتر تفنگه
سوار بی تفنگ قدرت نداره
سوار وقتی تفنگ داره سواره
تفنگ دسته نقره م را فروختم
بر یارم قبای ترمه دوختم
فرستام برایش پس فرستاد


  1. -mike from facebook

  2. I have never heard an angel, but I have a feeling that the voice of Lisa Gerrard is like an angel.

    Ya Allah Hu!

    Do you know if she or any of Dead Can Dance members are Sufis?

    I'm going to post this in a couple of my blogs. I hope it is ok to add you to my blogrolls.